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Low Voltage Spot Lights

Three rooms in our house are lighted with 12 volt halogen spot lights that are suspended on cables in the ceiling. This saves energy and is a flexible system since any light can be moved to any location on the cables.

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Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

We got into mountain biking a while back and so we had to design a bike rack. This rack fits into a receiver type trailer hitch and transports two bikes and secures them with lock and key. We then created an attachment that expands it to four bike capacity. Another accessory for this rack converts it to a ski rack for two pair of skis and poles.

Green Energy

Living close to the earth is our goal, so we installed one of these in our dining room. This antique cast iron wood stove burns wood harvested from our own property. The yearly tree pruning provides most of the heat required for our mild California winters. This energy is renewable year after year.

Living Close to the Earth

This is about Goats, Gardens and Chickens. It is possible to raise a large portion of your food on a small piece of land as long as your local zoning allows it.

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Sea Food Harvest

If you want to add seafood to your diet then you might need one of these. This is a sea worthy pocket cruiser sailboat. We live 20 miles from the Pacific ocean and devoting 1 weekend a month to fishing should keep us supplied with fish.

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