Benjoanie Enterprises
Lifelong Creativity

The Pot House

This is a greenhouse dome kit that features color coded hubs and pre-cut tubes for easy construction. Lets get growing!Click on the picture for more information.

Christmas Tree Fire Extinguisher

This device sits proudly among the packages under a christmas tree and guards against a tree fire.

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The Retriever

This is a dog walking stick that converts to a poop scoop when required. Very classy!

Potato Chip Slicer

This is a high speed potato slicer for making potato chips in a festival food vending booth.

HeadLoc Goggles

These goggles are a golf swing training aid that allow the wearer to keep his or her eyes only on the ball during address, back swing and impact.

Les Chapeaux Note Cards

This is a series of hand made note cards. No two cards are the same and they all feature a woman wearing a hat. The faces are made from hand painted buttons and the bodies feature fabric and feathers. They are supplied with envelopes. A ceramic gift box holding 6 cards is also available.
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Olive Processing Kit

This is a item designed to be sold in a food booth at an Arts and Crafts Fair. It consists of a gallon jar filled with freshly picked olives, two measured packs of lye and rock salt, a wooden spoon and complete instructions so the buyer can process his own gourmet olives at home.

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