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The Dome Kit
This dome kit was conceived to be a green house but there are many uses for this structure. Our current thinking is to cover the frame with poultry netting and grow our garden on the ground inside. This will keep the squirrels, cats, dogs and birds from wrecking our efforts. There is a simple program that will calculate the various tube lengths required for any desired diameter of dome. The hubs are the same regardless of the dome size. With the wire covering and a center roosting and egg laying tower, this structure will make a great chicken coup.

The hubs are cast in high density portland cement and are designed to retain standard 3/4 inch plastic sprinkler pipe. Since the tubes of a dome are always in compression, the thin wall plastic tube is very strong. The cut tubes are color coded with a paint dot near the ends to aid in assembly


                          Living Close to the Earth    

If you are going to live close to the earth then you will need one of these guys. This is a Nubian dairy goat. They are friendly and loving animals that will reward you for your efforts with a half gallon of milk per day. We found that a single goat supplies us with plenty of milk and cheese. You must feed her alfalfa hay, molasses coated grain and very clean water.

These guys
are also an important resident of your mini farm. If you maintain 3 to 5 of these red chickens, all of your egg needs will be met. They also love to scratch around in your freshly plowed garden and eat grub worms. Also their droppings make great fertilizer for your vegetables.

This space will soon have some pictures and text describing our latest garden.                   Back
Harvest the Sea

Sailboats are forever! We bought this sailboat new in 1978 (32 years ago!) and it still looks and functions like new. The sails and rigging are original. It is trailerable and inexpensive to maintain. The boat is classified as a pocket cruiser because it has everything necessary to live aboard and is seaworthy. It was built by Capital Yachts of California and is a 24 foot Neptune.

Here is some of the bounty of the sea. From left to right are a Bonita, a Barracuda and a Pacific Lobster. Note that lobster on the pacific coast do not have claws, and that Barracuda in the pacific ocean are not junk fish and are good to eat. While a sailboat is not the ideal fishing boat, it is good for the environment and costs nothing to operate. You find yourself doing a lot of trolling on the way to your favorite fishing spot.

The sun sets in the ocean on the west coast and is spectacular.


Note Cards

This is a picture of the ceramic gift boxes holding 6 note cards each on display at a craft fair

The cards are individually wrapped in clear plastic.
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Low Voltage Spot Lights

Each rafter in our guest room has a steel cable running the full length.The cables are alternately connected to the plus and minus output of a Malibu lighting transformer. The lights can be hung from any two rafters in the room to supply the light as required. Our transformer supports 6 lamps at 20 watts each placed anywhere on the cable system.

Christmas Tree Fire Extinguisher 

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